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Kavos Holiday Reviews


The resort of Kavos lies on the southern coast of the Greek island of Corfu and is situated approximately 43 klm south of Corfu town. The most popular Corfu beach resort, Kavos is very popular with young partygoers as the resort offers sun, sea, sand and an excellent nightlife. If you’re looking for a peaceful Greek break then this is not the destination for you, holidaying in Kavos consists of soaking up the sun on the five miles of glorious sandy beach and taking a ride on the banana boats and water sports by day and partying by night. After dark, Kavos really comes to life, packed with bars, clubs and pubs there is a little something to suit everyone’s taste, so pack your dancing shoes and get ready to dance till dawn. Kavos is the ideal destination for the young and lively seeking
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Re: Family Run and Friendly !
by Hayley and Emilee | Overal Rating of Kavos Resort: 8/10
We went to Kavos July and it was brilliant!! We had heard bad reports of Kavos and the smell but we didn't experience any of these. We really enjoyed our 2 weeks. The Lemon Grove Hotel (NOT Lemon Grove apartments!!) was really nice.
Family run, friendly: hotel was clean and had own bit of beach which was cleaned every day. The rest of Kavos beach was horrible with rubbish everywhere!! The night life was quite good but if you don't like dancing I wouldn't bother!! There were a few cheesy bars but the clubs were dance and r&b. The strip is good apart from after 1 am; the sound goes off when police pass so we found ourselves standing in silence a lot of the time!! We were surprised how empty places were at night so unless you're in a big group its awkward going in to places. We think that Kavos is past its sell by date!!!! If you're ganna you'll have fun. I'd recommend paying a bit more for a hotel cos the cheaper ones were junk and mainly above bars and shops.

Re: Best Holiday Ever !
by Wes Brown | Overal Rating of Kavos Resort: 10/10
Ok where to start? If you are looking for a quiet break don't come here. If you want partying 24/7 and virtually no sleep then do. I just got back 3 days ago from Kavos with another friend and we both had an amazing time. We stayed at the Agnes hotel which is slap bang in the middle of the strip, so no need for taxis as everything is a 5 minute walk away. Was a bit nervous at first but as we went with 2wentys holidays it was so social and always something to do. Clubs and bars are pretty much the same, all open air with tables and poles to dance on. Drinks are not cheap, €4 a beer and €5 for a double vodka Red Bull although in many places the vodka is watered down. We met some like minded hedonistic lads within a few days and pretty much only pre-drank at Beetle bar in the strip as we got €10 all you can drink for an hour and a half, which may not seem a lot but after having 10 Buccas and 12-15 double vodka reds you more than get your money's worth, trust me on that! The beach is about 6 foot wide and always has condoms and alike on it, but you don't go to Kavos for the beaches. Didn't try any food apart from the €3 English breakfasts at the hotel and 2 subways, again Kavos is a drinking holiday and so eating is cheating. Lads, if you want to get laid Kavos is it, the girls we met were so direct there was no need to run any sort of game. Everyone was really friendly also and I made a fair amount of new friends from both sexes. The blue lagoon is amazing and definitely worth going, also I'd advise going with a tour operator such as twentys or Olympus as you get to meet so many more people and people recognise you from nights out/activities etc. Foam party was pretty mad as well, I didn't go in but virtually anything you can think of happened in there! The mosquitoes are everywhere, the taxi drivers are bastards and everyone hates the Brits, but Kavos still rocks. Would definitely go again but not until I've been somewhere bigger as you can easily do Kavos in a week, and by the end I had had enough

Re: A brilliant holiday for singles !
by Sam-Hay | Overal Rating of Kavos: 10/10
went to Kavos a few years ago on a girls holiday, and I can honestly say its the best girlie holiday I've ever had (and I've been on a few!). We chose Kavos as we all liked Greece but none of us had been to Corfu before - we'd also heard it was "pretty lively" from
the travel agent. We arrived at 6am in the morning, and as the coach pulled up near our apartments, we saw people staggering back from the bars - we knew then we were in for a boozy holiday! We weren't wrong. Our apartments were directly on the beach - we literally had to walk down the stairs and we were on it. It was an ideal location, as it was quiet enough at night/morning to let us sleep off our hangovers, but only a few minutes walk to the main road where all the bars, restaurants and shops were.
The first night we were there, we went out about 9.30pm and it was quiet - we heard from some reps that nothing livened up until about 11pm, so we spent the first hour getting our bearings and having a few cheap drinks - most bars did the "2 for 1" on long cocktails or bottles offer - we took advantage of that! We had a brilliant night - everyone was so friendly (probably because they were all drunk!) and up for a good time. That was one of our earlier nights - we got in around 4am!
That set the pattern for the rest of the holiday! Kavos beach was lovely, really golden sand and clear sea. You had to pay for the sunloungers and umbrellas, but it was only something like £1.50 per day. We didn't have a pool at our apartments, but there were quite a few around that would let you use theirs, for a small charge. We kept a "snog book" during the holiday, listing details of all the blokes we met (and snogged!) and any other funny/interesting happenings. Even now, 3 years later, I still read it when I need a laugh, and remember it all like it was yesterday! I can honestly say I've never had a holiday where I was so shattered at the end of it! When we got home (around 8am), I slept for the rest of that day, trying to recover!

Re: fantastic for youngin's !
by Sophie Reilly | Overal Rating of Kavos Resort: 10/10
Kavos is class. We stayed at the chandris and it was situated perfectly. Had a lovely pool, friendly owners and the rooms where very comfortable. You would walk out our apartment complex right on to a street full of food places lovely food good prices. All very friendly. A bar called 'stoned' is on this street go in its great. Then you walk up to 'THE' street full of bars people out on street all styles of music and really nice bar staff. fantastic night life. Beaches are nice, view fantastic, lovely walks and handy supermarkets everywhere. Beware of speeding karts on all the windy roads no paths. Loads of arcades with 'friends' and 'only fools and horses' playing in the background. Fabulouse. Had an amazing time loved it. First holiday abroad with boyfriend and me and tony loved it, very good for youngin's. Only down side not to busy week we went. (WE'RE GOING BACK TO KAVOS THIS YEAR, WE LOVE IT SO MUCH BUT IN AUG, NOT MAY TOO QUITE)and so it seemed dead as lots of bars, but none full so go peak season. And the airport is a nightmare, it's tiny and we queued for an hour to get in to get back to newcastle but apart from that must see place, fabby-tastic

Re: Kavos is brill !
by Leicester Girls | Overal Rating of Kavos Resort: 10/10
Just got home from 2 week girls holiday to Kavos, had an absolutely brilliant time. I had heard a lot of bad things about Kavos compared to other clubbing holiday hotspots but I was pleasantly surprised. I have been to Malia, Ibiza, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Magaluf, Benidorm and Zante and I thought Kavos was the best of the lot for the nightlife. Loads of choice for bars/music. It was a mixed age range, you do get hassled by PRs like most places but they are all friendly. We generally went to the same places most nights, always ended up in Atlantis which plays mostly R&B and is always busy until about 6am! Rolling Stones and the Rock Inn are good to go on the way there. Most of the bars offer the same deals on drinks 2 cocktails, fishbowl and free shots for €5 but they all taste the same and are not overly nice. Fresh bar at the top of the strip serves really nice cocktails with real alcohol and is a good place to get started. We stayed at Kavos Plaza which was a little bit out of the way but really nice rooms, great pool and good pool bar I would definitely stay there again. I've got serious holiday blues and just wish I was back there. To all you lucky people still looking forward to your holiday in Kavos ENJOY, ignore bad reviews as long as you're not expecting a quiet holiday it is really good.

Re: Kavos - a rowdy blokes point of view !
by slinkysteve | Overal Rating of Kavos Resort: 8/10
So with our heads full of Ibiza uncovered we set off on our journey into the sunny island of corfu to a lively resort know as Kavos. I went with two of my mates, and I'm not sorry to say we acted like the majority of the people depicted on TV albeit with a little more discresion. We got a late deal with Club 18-30 for £200 each with a four bedroom apartment for one week. The rooms were very sparse with minimal furniture and poor quality items such as the shower and "cooker" which was 1 hot plate. Needless to say, we tried to avoid staying in at all costs. So once we got over the disgrace that was our home for the next 6 days, we went out to the welcome meeting with the club reps. They gave us a 30min welcome which climaxed by giving out a strange pink substance (I think it was diluted ouzo)and got everyone to down that. They were very pushy about trying to get you to sign up for (costly) trips but in retrospect these were the best nights out we had in Kavos. So the first night we went on a trip to the other end of Corfu island, and it was quite an eventful night with numerous amusing incidents. All the people were very friendly and up for all sorts.
Alcohol naturally played a large part in this holiday but we never really let it get too out of control (apart from one morning after when waking up with a sign and 10m of rubber hosing + a very angry cleaner). It's true that they say you can see a brit who's been on a club 18-30 trip as he is not even slightly tanned. We awoke at 5pm then went out until 6am. It was an amazing holiday and something which everyone agree's must be done again. I only saw one fight which is very good considering how many people are out and about completely smashed. Kavos is not a place to go if you want a quiet time, and I would encorage families to avoid it like the plague. But definitely recommened to anyone between 20-30 (18 too young to be safe.)

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