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Travellers Advice on Iberostar Regency Beach Hotel | Corfu
Iberostar Regency Beach Hotel is located on the beautiful southeastern coast of Corfu, Greece. This luxury Corfu hotel, at the
Agios Ioannis Melitieon in Benitses area can accommodate every guest who would like to have an unforgetable stay. The 4 star Corfu hotel is covered by a green and calm scenery which is ideal for your relaxing holidays. Iberostar Regency Beach hotel has most recently been renovated and has seriously upgraded the standards of accommodation and the services of this luxury Corfu hotel.
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Re: A brilliant holiday with a few things to mention !!
by Bluebubbins  on Sept 2008 | Overal Rating of Iberostar Regency Beach Hotel: 8/10
Me and my boyfriend stayed in Regency Beach hotel in Corfu for a week on the 25th of August. We had an amazing time here.
The staff are really friendly and they speak many languages so don't worry if you can't speak Greek! Our room was quite nice with a sea view (pay the extra as the view is amazing!). You do get a big bottle of water in your mini-fridge which gets refilled every day.
The food was quite good - a nice selection and all really tasty. We spent most of our time on the beach, which is a pebble beach and not like what the brochure says, "shingle". Another thing the brochure didn't mention was the wasp problem which is at this hotel. If you are afraid of wasps, or allergic, don't come to this hotel. They buzz around you at lunch and if you're trying to get a drink from the soft drinks machine (outside) they can fall in your drink - which happened to me on a number of occasions! The wasps don't seem to be around much on the beach - they tend to be by the pool or if you're near the beach restaurant, where lunch is served. Saying that, the wasps weren't aggressive - neither me or my boyfriend got stung whilst we were here - they were just annoying when you're trying to eat and drink. Usually if you flapped your arms about they'd buzz off but some were a little more tenacious.
Iberostar Regency Beach hotel is quite far out so if you want to go somewhere you'll have to get a bus or taxi. We did two trips whilst we were there - the Greek night and the Megaday (trip on a glass bottom boat ride and an afternoon at Aqualand). The Greek night was brilliant, I highly recommend it. It was lots of fun. The Megaday was good too and Aqualand was lots of fun. Overall, our experience with Corfu & Iberostar Regency Beach Hotel was positive. However, because of the wasp problem, we wouldn't return.

Re: Great stay in Corfu !
by Juz10 on August 2008 | Overal Rating of Iberostar Regency Beach : 8/10
We have just returned from a great week at the Iberostar Regency hotel in Corfu , we were a bit dubious about going peak time but it was gr8. We found the hotel really clean, staff very friendly and helpful. Room was great with fantastic views. We arrived at 4am after a 4 hour delay at Gatwick to be greeted by a friendly greeting and a nice cold beer! (first of many)! Fridge in room and air conditioning was a must have in August. 2 nice clean pools, one at the top we found better as much quieter and did not have to listen to the music all day. Loads of wasps about but I can honestly say they were not a problem..I was amazed as I had read this in previous reviews but they were fine and just buzzed about, none of us got stung. Food fantastic for Greece plenty of variety and all hot which can sometimes be a problem with all inclusives. Animation tean did a fantastic job, full of energy and smiles, kids absoulutely loved the evening entertainment so if they are happy we were! They did lots by day as well, they certainly worked hard and were a credit to the hotel. Kids loved the dance routines and we even had them down to perfection by the end of the week! Lots of different nationalities who all got in spirit. Kids club was a bit of a let down as it was in a very hot room, loads of wasps and majority of the time they coloured so got very bored there. Hotel quite a way out so car hire is great to see the Island, Aqualand water park is also a must however it was very busy but you expect that going peak season. Overall a brilliant week highly recomended, met some great friends there and will miss sitting by the sea at 1am while the kids played happily and we sipped a cocktail or 2!!! Have fun.............

Re: Lovely Corfu !
by BrownPrincess on July 2008 | Overal Rating of Iberostar Regency Beach Hotel: 10/10
Iberostar Regency Beach hotel in Corfu has undergone a refurbishment. It exceeded our expectations for the price we paid for a week's all inclusive deal. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, the staff are very friendly and helpful. We were a bit concerned about what the food could be like but we needn't have worried. It was excellent and loads of variety. The beach is literally across the road, although the lift goes down to the basement and then you just walk down some stairs. It's very pebbley and you do need to wear shoes. Sun loungers and towels are provided. Lunch is also served on the beach so there's no need to pack up your belongings. The restaurant manager is lovely. There is entertainment at night on the first floor - we didn't bother, quite happy sipping cocktails downstairs. At the time of staying our air conditioning was not working because of the time of year but as we were on the 5th floor (with a wonderful view over the sea) it was quite safe to leave the patio door open. It is in the middle of nowhere so if you're looking for night life this is probably not the place for you. The average age tends to be in the forties.

Re: This was simply the best hotel I have ever been to !
by Mrs S Stolton on July 2007 | Overal Rating of Iberostar Regency Beach Hotel: 9/10
The rooms, and indeed the whole hotel was spotlessly clean. So the furniture might not be bang up to date but its functional and anyone moaning about it should look round there own homes. Unless they go to Ikea every year and re modernize they'll have older stuff too! The staff were all very friendly and accommodating, they couldn't do enough for their guests, whatever time of day or night. No exceptions. (Indeed every evening the restaurant manager mucked in with the rest of his staff, setting tables, waiting on guests, and still found a smile and greeting for other guests). Regency Beach Hotel location was breathtaking. We’d read on other forums about the wasps but don’t let them bother you they aren’t in the least threatening. They were not aggressive and no one got stung at all the week we were.My partner is in pest control and like he pointed out the hotel couldn’t have done anything about them unless they burned all the trees and shrubs that surrounded the hotel which wouldn’t be an option! Would recommend it to everyone.

Re: We had a good holiday and made some good friends !
by jansell's on Nov 2005 | Overal Rating of Iberostar Regency Beach : 7/10
think the first thing you should consider before choosing the Regency Beach Hotel in Corfu is whether you are suited to an All Inclusive (AI) package. It certainly has its advantages, as you could spend a whole holiday spending very little cash at all. However if you are an adventurous type you will soon find the regime quite restrictive, and certainly over a two week period it becomes very claustrophobic seeing the same old faces in the same environment. Those looking for the authentic cuisine experience should look elsewhere - this is mass catering which can never match the real thing. This becomes very apparent when you branch out and eat out side at a small taverna and marvel at the culinary experience. That's not to say the food is bad, as most of the time it is good, but rarely excellent. Things you should do: . Get the bus (only 95c) to Corfu Town (second Blue Stop up the road), it's a real jewel with excellent architecture and shopping . Eat out at a proper taverna, especially if you have never been to Greece before . Go to the sandy beaches on the western coast. Agios Georgios (Southern end) was our favourite.
Drive up into the hill villages, they are charming . Aqualand is excellent fun and great value. The food queues are horrendous, so take a packed lunch . Go to Benitses in the evening, it's actually a nice place . Go snorkeling, the fish are great Conclusion This may paint a poor picture of this hotel, but it is absolutely fine if you like this kind of thing, and particularly if you just want to lounge around, eat, drink and have your kids cared for. We had a good holiday and made some good friends.

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