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Travellers Advice on Beis Beach Hotel in Acharvari, Corfu

Re: Good food, good service and friendly personnel !
byLilian en Mandy on August 2007 | Overal Rating of Beis Beach Hotel: 7/10
We had a great vacation at Beis Beach hotel in Acharavi, Corfu. We stayed there from the 23rd of July - the 4th of August. Too bad our travel agency fixed us a discount-room, that was a real disappointment. The room was located in the basement. With a high window. Because of the crowdiness, they couldn't offer us another room. If only we would have paid some euros extra at the travel agency, we would have had a normal room. The rest was fine though. Good food, good service and friendly personnel. Unfortunately there were some sick people who got up at 6 in the morning and put their towels on the lounge chairs at the pool and on the beach, so when you arrived at the pool or beach at 9 in the morning all lounge chairs were "taken" already.

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Re: not amazing, but definitely not terrible !
by fan_of_holidays's August 2006 | Overal Rating of Beis Beach Hotel: 6/10
Beis Beach is by no means luxury accomodation, but for an affordable holiday you could do worse.
The rooms are clean and comfortable, although the only means of entertainment was a TV with bad reception and a radio that didn't work. The showers are the kind you have to hold up but that wasn't a problem (although it is relatively easy to flood the bathroom). We went all inclusive and at first we thought the food was great; there is only one restaurant but it provides a fair bit of choice, the food was never cold, and no one got food poisoning while we were there. However, it does get repetitive quite quickly because lunch and dinner are practically identical and although there are a lot of choices they don't vary much. Still, if you're not fussy you'll be fine, you just might never want to eat feta again. Chips were also available at almost every meal. The two poolside bars were good for drinks - all local spirits were free to AI guests, and were most definitely NOT watered down. However, the 'snacks' that were supposed to be available throughout the day were either non-existent or very poor (sweaty pastry and biscuits). We weren't really there for the entertainment but nonetheless found it hilarious (to be fair, it wasn't really meant to be funny) - the night we sampled it the German entertainment company danced and sang (in English) their little hearts out to a medley of 70s mega-hits - announcements were also made in English and German and maybe some other languages I can't remember. Beis Beach hotel has it's own section of beach (and the hotel is beach front so it is literally across the road) but beware it's 'sand and shingle' description. It is actually more 'stones and stones with maybe a bit of sand here and there'.
It is also very small so was usually busy (it just fits two rows of sunbeds). The sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach have to be rented and cost 15euros a week. The sea is shallow for a long way out and it was mostly calm although there were a couple of afternoons when the wind got up and made it choppy (and also blew away the umbrellas of a few dufus's who refused to take them down). While you could get a sunbed on the beach almost any time you wanted, the sunbeds by the pool were snapped up early. The pools both seemed clean although we only used them once. The immediately surrounding area isn't stunning, but we were only there for a rest and a tan so we didn't even venture into Acharavi town centre. We also didn't have children with us so I can't comment on facilities for them. All in all, I wouldn't go again but that is because I'd want to try other destinations and hotels. Package holidays are hit and miss, but we didn't feel like we'd missed with Beis Beach hotel.

Re: we had a fab time i wanted to stay longer !
by Lulie costello on Oct 2005 | Overal Rating of Beis Beach Hotel: 8/10
Beis Beach hotel was always very clean, the staff were great, the best barman ever is george he works the beach bar were its mostly brittish that drink there,the hotel did have a lot of germans but we got on with most of them ,im english and feel if you say hi they will reply...the food was just warm but thats how the greeks eat there food,but i found the food was nice.there wasnt any entertainment as such but it was september/october, and most allinclusive have poor or no entertainment we did have  one qwize night and a greek danceing show witch i missed it was the night we were to go home,our rep Sam (thomas cook) well she was fantastic hi sam ....we had a fab time i wanted to stay longer i will be back so watch out george hahahahahaah...

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