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This site is one of the leading sites on Corfu and the visitors who come here have a definite interest in visiting the island. This provides you with a very focused advertising group leading to far bigger results than advertising in a general medium (travel, tourism, Greece etc..). You can further focus your advertisement by placing it on the relevant page.

Our number of visitors has been growing steadily and now reaches over 900.000 visitors a year viewing 4.000.000 pages.

A full banner in one of our pages starts as low as Euro 15 per month (with discounts for longer periods) and full campaigns can be arranged at very competitive rates.

We can now also run CPM banner campaigns at very competitive rates

If you do not have a web site we can create one for you. .

The site contains over 800 pages in English so the choice of where to position an ad is wide. For example:

High traffic pages - apart from the home page there are some pages with much higher traffic than average. These can give you more exposure but they cost more and may be too general

Specific categories - they may have less page views than top traffic pages but will have a more focused group of visitors, for example pages on Accommodation, Car rental, Property. These highly desirable positions cost about the same price per ad as high traffic pages with less focused visitors.

Finally, there are many pages in the site that have neither very high traffic nor highly competitive business interest. These are the cheapest but may actually work out perfect for your ad. For example, if your business was located in a specific area, town or village, you could place your ad in one of the relevant pages and visitors searching for information on this place would find your ad.

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