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St Stefanos has many visitors who return year after year. They prefer the quiet atmosphere of the Saint Stefanos
to the more humdrum coastal villages in Corfu. Many have made lasting friendships with the local greek people & find it hard to envisage a holiday anywhere else. The wide beach of St (Agios) Stefanos has a very gentle slope into the sea and it is possible to wade out a very long way before any real depth is found. This of course makes it ideal
for a family with young children. There are watersports including parasailing and skiing. If you fancy a little sea fishing you can hire your equipment from Margaritas. Hire a little boat and have a great day's fun. High above St Stefanos village is an observatory that was used during the war as a look-out post. The first hotel in North-Corfu was build in
St Stefanos. It was used by travellers to the smaller islands off North-West Corfu. If the sea was to rough to continue they would spend their nights there till the weather was better for their journey. San Stefanos has a lovely picturesque harbour. Many of the fishing boats are traditional in design. Most days the fishermen take them out to supply the local tavernas with lobsters, crabs and fish. St Stefanos harbour is reached by walking or driving along the main road.

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