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Aghios Gordios Holiday Reviews
Agios Gordios is one of the most developed tourist settlements of southwestern Corfu. It is 16km from the city in a marvelous location. The endless vineyards of the region end in the dreamy beach of Aghios Gordios and create a scenery of unique natural beauty. It is one of the most impressive beaches of the island with two gigantic rocks above, protecting it. The sea is crystal blue. The view is extraordinary especially from location "Aerostato" in the right end of the gulf. There are a lot of hotels & rooms to let in Aghios Gordios
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Re: Villa Bridge: The place to stay in Aghios gordios!
by Poshtroika on July 2008 | Overal Rating: 10/10
We stayed at the Villa Bridge in Aghios Gordios from 12th to 26th May 2008.
We booked the Holiday thru Manos Travel and paid a total of £604 for the two of us for the two weeks, this included all the extras,
fuel surcharge, Airport taxes etc etc. Flying from East Midlands. The Villa Bridge is located at the Southern end of Aghios Gordios, and can be reached either by walking along the Beach Boardwalk, or thru the paved fottpaths thru the back of the Village. Either way you are about 5 to 10 mins from the Street with the Tavernas, or one minute from the beach, about 50 yards. The accomodation is set in its own gardens, there are two Bungalow type buildings. The first nearest the gate comprises a Studio for two, and a Two Bedroomed apartment that sleeps 4. The second building has a One Bedroom Apartment, this was ours, this is attached to the owners apartment, where the very friendly couple live, Elenas and her husband, also their cat, they also have a dog that lives at the bottom of the garden, we never heard him Bark so no problem. Our one bedroom apartment comprised of, entry door into Kitchen Diner, this was very well equiped, more than we are used to on our Greek holidays. There was a Table and chairs for 4, A FULL Cooker (only used to two ring unit). Electric Kettle (No umbriki, greek kettle), an Electric Toastie maker, did not use. Full sized Fridge. Double sink unit, plenty of hot water and a PLUG. To the left is a door to the Bath room, again more than we are used to. Toilet, Sink, Bath with overhead shower and shower curtain, "WHAT NO WET FLOORS" I hear you Greekophiles shout. Plenty of Hot Water at all times of the day. To the right of the kitchen is a good Bedroom with, wait for it, A KING SIZED DOUBLE BED, not two singles shoved together. Sheer heaven for those Romantic Greek Nights, well be may have been married 38 years but we still love each other like crasy. There was a large 3 doored wardrobe, Dressing Table with draws and two bed side tables. Also plenty of electric points and lights. The location is very quiet, and is not on anyones going home route, so quiet nights sleep are very nice. In fact when the sea was calm the only noise at night would be if a Leaf Fell from a Tree, you heard it hit the ground it was that quiet. There is a path that leads directly to Aghios Gordios Beach by the side of the Garden. So I would be more than Happy to stay here again and again.

Re: Lithos the Best food in Aghios gordios!
by Poshtroika on July 2008 | Overal Rating: 10/10
By the end of this review you the reader will probably have the idea that this was our favourite place to eat. We started the Holiday,
as you do, intending to eat in a different Taverna each night, that works OK until you fall into a place such as LITHOS.
This is a small place on the One Street of Aghios Gordios, sandwiched between two larger places, Argo and Mermaid. It has about 10 Tables in the front, with a further 6 in the rear. A small Bar area and the Kitchens. The Father Demitri is the skill behind the cooking with his son doing the serving, the fact that the Son is a dead ringer for a Young George Cluney has no bearing on the wife's desire to eat here often. It has a wonderful relaxed feel, with the son never seemimg rushed, just the right number of tables for one to manage. Starters we tried:
Yigantes (Large Beans) cooked in a wonderful tomato and herb sauce, I have to admit I am a sucker for Yigantes, so when ever available, and of this superb quality I can choose nothing else.
One night we had dawdled over the Sun Set and the last had gone.
So chose Bruchetta, this came as two large pieces with superb Feta Tomato and other falvoured topping, very scrumptious.
Fried courgettes, done in long strips and no batter, just as we like them.
Fried Aubergines again no batter just lovely flavours.
Village Sausages, nice and meaty and spicey.
These were the starters we enjoyed, there are other choices on the menu, Mushrooms, creamed or Garlic.Feta Baked in the Oven.
Dolmardies (Stuffed Vine Leaves) The lady had this one night, you would have thought it was a main course, 8 dolmadies on a bed of rice with the large square plate surrounded with slices of fresh lemon
While talking about large, Lithos does do LARGE portions. Mains that we tried:
Moussaka of course, fantastic, the portion did not really need the chips and salad on the plate.
Sofrito, Beef with a White wine and Garlic sauce (Corfu Speciality) tender and melts in the mouth.
Chicken with a Mustard Suace, again what large chickens they must rear and what flavour.
Chicken Salavaki very well cooked without being over done.
I tried two Pizza's (Now I am a BIG eater but was defaeted on the first attempt, was offered a box if I wanted to take the remains home. Went into training for the second attempt and just made it. No kidding one of these with a Greek Salad would feed most families of 4. Although the rim was thick crust the base was thin so you get lots of toppings for your money (Average Pizza 8 Euros about About £6 at the low exchange rate at the moment. have saved the best until last STAFADO, and I have had this dish all over the Greek Islands and on the mainland, and can say without exception THIS IS THE BEST STAFADO I have had in the whole of Greece.
No messing about with extras just a large plate of VERY VERY tender beef with plenty of baby onions in a fantastic sauce. You do not need a knife to eat this, a fork will do the job of cutting the meat, also plenty of bread to sop up that sauce.
We had complimentry items every night. A Baclava very sweet. Apple Pie very refreshing. A caraf of wine, or a Brandy, or just Tea or Coffee if that is what you prefer. We found their House Wine very good.
Demitri will escape from his kitchen and come and sit and talk with you. I said how wonderful his food was.
He replied like any good Chef that is because he buys the best ingreadiants. He says you can buy Danish Feta at 2 euros a kilo, he pays 8 for the best local. All his meat is bought fresh, no frozen. Best ingrediants Best Food, very simple, very good. He talked us thru some old framed documents on the wall that we had been fasinated with. The first three dated 1870, 1871, 1872 were land purchases his Great great grandfather had made. But his Grandfather had had to sell off all this land, towards the end and after the 2nd World War to be able to feed the family, hard times. Also there were two Life Insurance policies dated 1922, as Demiti says the Family must have been very rich as who took these out in those days.We go self catering, so do our own breakfast ,except the last day. Where else could we choose but LITHOS. 6 Euros gets you Tea or Coffee, Orange Juice, Toast, Two eggs Three back bacon, Black Pudding, Mushrooms, Beans and Sausages. A lovely ending before we boarded our bus for Corfu Airport.
So Demitri I keep my promise to tell the World about LITHOS

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